A national snapshot of the long-term care industry

9911134_S-1-300x200Is it any wonder that the South — anchored by Florida — has the highest percentage of almost every kind of long-term care provider? In the latest National Center for Health Statistics’ report, it’s clear that the South dominates the industry, reflecting population trends.

At the time of this report, the South had 33 percent of the adult day service centers, nearly 47 percent of the home health agencies, 41 percent of the hospices, and nearly 35 percent of the nursing homes. The South was second in only one kind of provider — residential care communities (including assisted living centers). It had just more than 28 percent of those providers, compared to the West’s huge share of 42 percent.

Guess which region had the lowest share of providers overall? The Northeast. That region had the lowest percentage of every kind of provider except adult day services centers, and it had nearly 20 percent of those, which are often community-based non-profits. The Midwest had the lowest percentage of such centers, at 17 percent.

The report did not differ a whole lot from the same report two years earlier, although some things stand out: the West’s share of residential care communities took a big leap of nearly six percentage points, at the cost of every other region. That’s significant, because of the 67,000 paid, regulated long-term care providers in 2014, more than 45 percent were residential care communities.

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