Western Litigation, Inc. (WLI) is the most experienced and knowledgeable professional liability claims and risk management company in the nation. They serve professional liability insurers, risk retention groups, client-owned captive insurers and organizations across many industries. Emphasizing a true partnership approach in everything they do, their professional attorneys, insurance claims executives, registered nurses and certified risk managers work collectively with clients to understand the unique challenges and goals from every angle. They have a rich history of helping healthcare professionals and organizations mitigate loss and risk before it happens, by serving as a value-added partner from the very beginning.

This 360-degree perspective continuously enables them to deliver unparalleled service, expertise and results not available from traditional third-party administrators or commercial insurers, ensuring your organization’s liability exposure is mitigated from the start.

Areas of Expertise

Leveraging the collective insight of their nationwide staff
of professional attorneys, insurance claims executives, registered nurses and certified risk managers, they address complex challenges with proactive, analytical and pragmatic solutions.

Western Litigation Specializes in:
  • Professional Liability claims management
  • High exposure claims evaluation, negotiations and resolution
  • Professional liability claims operational and reserve audits
  • Risk Management consulting and education
  • Regulatory Reporting

The exceptional service, exhaustive analysis and pragmatic solutions they provide to each of their clients, has allowed them to:

  • Manage more than 200,000+ claims since 1994
  • Boast a 98% client retention rate
  • Close 82.08% of claims without an indemnity payment

Western Litigation understands the importance of being able to access information when and where you need it — that’s why they’ve created Genesis. Their state-of-the-art, online claims management/RMIS database is reserved exclusively for WLI clients and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No other claims administrator offers a comparable service.

With Genesis, you can manage all aspects of your claims online:

  • Report incidents and claims
  • Monitor and manage claims
  • Integrate and view expert reports, depositions and pleadings
  • Sort and download reports
  • Access reserve and changes history
  • Store documents and data for 5+ year contract expiration