We help long-term care facilities identify risk management weak spots.

In a perfect world, there would be no inattentive nurses’ aides, no lax housekeepers, and no falls in nursing homes. There would be no risks of lawsuits, because nothing would ever go wrong. But that’s not the real world.

Rather, nursing homes are dynamic with an ever-changing cast of employees and residents. A lot can go wrong as managers strive for profitability in a highly regulated environment while preserving worker and patient safety.

This is why attention to risk management is so important. Did you know that helping long-term care facilities identify and adopt risk management best practices is one of the things we do at SCI Underwriting Management?

We partner with a leading risk management provider to offer these services:

• Professional Liability Risk Assessment: Our consultant goes on-site and evaluates clinical and operational processes to determine the weak spots. The visits can be customized to meet the client’s needs.

• Customer Service Assessment: This is a one-day on-site evaluation of the facility’s customer service program, performed by a customer service-focused risk management specialist. Assessment includes a follow-up report with recommendations for enhancements.

• One-Day Focused Consulting Review: Experienced risk management professionals conduct a focused on-site visit, examining areas of concern based on regulatory survey deficiencies. In-depth consulting is provided upon review of processes and systems related to the areas of focus.

We also offer several off-site consulting services, including Assist Line, a clinical hotline that employees can call to ask questions and get information about risk reduction or mitigation; online courses, which may offer continuing education credits for administrators and clinicians; and web-based incident reporting event management.

Through a combination of risk management best practices and underwriting strategies, we can typically help long-term care facilities with higher-than-average claims numbers reduce risk and secure a fair price for the coverage they need. Give us a call today!